Hello my name is Mrs Cawley I am your child’s Nursery Teacher at St Leo’s and Southmead School Nursery. I am looking forward to being your child’s teacher and providing lots of fun and exciting activities to support them in their learning and development.

At the end of the first week all of the children are settling in to their new nursery and enjoying finding out about their new environment. They are enjoying using some of the lovely resources both inside and out including the bikes, sand pit and play dough and painting area.

A little bit about the EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage

All the areas are developed through planned, purposeful play, with a balance of adult led and child initiated activities both inside and outside of the nursery. The children learn through play and exploration, they have time and are supported to be creative and think critically. The activities are pitched at the children’s levels of development enabling them to learn and succeed at a rate suitable to each individual.

We approach the curriculum through the children’s interests, observing their play, having conversations with them about what they are involved with and the sorts of things they would like to learn about. We will send information home with each new interest so you know what your children are finding out about and if you have any ideas, information, objects or artefacts related to the topic they will be gratefully received. Some interests include Super Heroes! Mini Beasts and Fairy Tales etc.

Some top tips for starting Nursery:

    1. Please could you remember to put your child’s name in all your child’s clothing
    2. Trousers with elasticated waists and shoes with Velcro on will help children be independent.
  • Children are inside and out so remember they will need a waterproof coat or an all in one and wellington boots.
  • We are here to help with issues around toilet training please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. A set of spare clothes are good as they might get a little mucky!!
  2. Encourage your child to help you putting on their own clothing including coats and shoes.
  3. Remember if your child is upset give your child a hug and a kiss just a little before school starts. Don’t pick them up for a long cuddle at the last second.
  4. Go home and have a pleasant day. Trust that your child will be having a happy day – they usually do – and give us a ring if you want to double check!

Parents Meetings:

You are invited to come to a parents meeting in the Autumn and Spring Term where we have a discussion about what your child has been learning at nursery and at home and what we can do together to help them progress further. If you feel you would like to talk about your child and can’t wait till the parents meeting please speak any of the team. If you have any worries or concerns please feel free to talk to any of the Nursery Team. Please feel free to make an appointment with a member of the team.

Library Books:

Children have access to our class library to choose and bring home each Wednesday to be returned on the following Tuesday. They will bring it home in a yellow book bag.


Good News Leafs:

To celebrate your child’s achievement eg can put on their coat, get dressed, dancing, swimming, riding a bike etc you can take a brown leaf for autumn, yellow leaf for spring and green for summer. Feel free to write down any comments to celebrate and share with their peers. These are extremely proud moments which should be celebrated by all. We also acknowledge their achievements by giving them a certificate.

My Learning Journey:

When the children start nursery they will receive a profile that will become their Learning Journey. Throughout the two year we will add samples of the children’s work, photographs and written observations made by the staff. The children or you might like to add things from home that are special to their time in nursery – a birthday card, photographs from holiday, copies of certificates, postcards etc. At the end of the Foundation Stage when your child is leaving Reception Class they will bring their Learning Journey home as a memento of their time here.


You will receive a weekly newsletter which will also be posted on our school nursery website stleosandsouthmeadnursery.co.uk We will share the interests we are exploring provide top tips to support aspects like speech and language, mathematics and literacy. We will also share any key dates including our stay and play workshops and celebrations including Mother’s Day and Christmas. This is a very informative way to keep your updated about what your child is doing in school on a weekly basis.

Home Bear:

We have a Travelling Ted who will comes home with each child in turn. (Friday) All we say is have lots of fun and feel free to take photographs of his adventures so your child can share their experiences when they return to school the following week.(Monday)

Daily Diary:

Children will have a daily diary which is a way for us to share with you what your child has been doing at nursery but also for you to share any child interests at home or if they have been feeling unwell etc

Home Learning Bags:

As your child settles into nursery they will be provided with a home learning pack. This will contain a small activity to support in their learning and development. A small five minute learning activity to support in aspects including maths and literacy. We have had such a good response to the home learning packs in the past.




We have a self-supportive Café area which is open between 9 till 11 and 1 till 3pm. This supports children’s self-help and independence skills. The children can wash their hands and choose their snack independently. We ask for a £1.00 contribution per week to cover the cost of snack.



It is very important that the children attend nursery regularly – the children will be able to experience the whole curriculum, children learn best when there is continuity, and it is an important step towards primary school.

Key Worker:

Your child will be delegated a key worker and they will be responsible to support and help your child to settle. They also spend time with their key children during key times in the session.

All About Me and Myself:

We send home a booklet for you to take to share with your child. It’s very important so we can find out about your child’s needs, health and interests which supports us in providing for their next steps in learning.

Links with St Leos and Southmead Catholic Primary School:

Throughout the year your child will have the opportunity to visit school to as part of a planned transition programme. At the beginning of the transition it will be to share a story, meet key staff and explore the environment. This will include meeting key staff including the head teacher and lunch time staff, sharing a lunch in the school hall and playing on the school playground with other children.


Attendance is really important but however there are occasions when the children are not well, in which case, please could you ring school as soon as possible to let us know.

And finally….We hope you and your child enjoy your time at St Leo’s and Southmead School Nursery. If you have any problems or need to know anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Nursery Team: Mrs Cawley, Mrs Sambor and Miss Ashworth




Additional Information

downloadNursery Transitions


downloadEYFS Parents Guide


downloadParents Information Booklet





St leo’s and Southmead Nursery Brochure 2018 to 2019

Topic Web 2018 to 2019 Autumn Term

What are the Characteristics-Of-Effective-Learning

How can I help my child

E-Safety-Policy November 2016

Child Protection Policy 2016-2017

Safeguarding Children Policy 2016-17


Our school is committed to educating children to create digital citizens who contribute to the online world in a positive and considerate way.  Here are some resources and links to websites that maybe of interest to you.

Social Media

You can find some practical guidance for parents and carers whose children are using social media by clicking here.

Facebook is the most popular Social Networking site on the internet.  It was launched in 2004 and has an estimated 1.94 billion users.  You can find more information about how to protect yourself online, how to report issues and how to deactivate your account here.

Instagram is a photograph and video sharing application and is particularly popular with children and teenagers.  For further guidance of how you can stay safe when using Instagram, how to report any issues or how to deactivate your account click here.

Musical.ly allows users to create, share and discover new videos.  It allows users to create short videos of themselves dancing, performing or lip-syncing to music and to share them online via their app.  As with other social media sites users can set their profiles to private or public.  You can access more information about musical.ly by clicking here.

Snapchat is a messenger app that allows you to send photos, videos, text and drawings.  The unique feature of Snapchat is that the message only stays on the recipient’s phone for a matter of seconds.  Further guidance on where to find privacy settings, report abuse and deactivate your account can be found here.

Whatsapp Whatsapp is a free messenger app that enables users to send messages, images, video and audio using the internet and is popular amongst children.  Further information on how to restrict access to whatsapp can be found here.

Online Gaming

Online gaming has changed the gaming world for our children, they can now play against other gamers at any time.  This world can be scary for parents who don’t necessarily access these games themselves.  Practical advice for parents can be found here.

It is worth noting that games are subject to similar age ratings as films are.  The system for rating games is called the PEGI rating, we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with these ratings which can be found here.


There may be occasions where you need to report incidents that happen while online, this could be due to inappropriate language being used on a gaming platform, online bullying or another form of abuse.  If you need to make a report to CEOP, this can be done here:


If you need to report something to a social networking site or a gaming provider you can find contact details of most of the popular social media and gaming providers by clicking here.

Want to speak to an expert?

 Childline and O2 have teamed up to offer a free helpline for parents for any queries you may have regarding online activity, this could just be simple queries about online gaming or parental controls.  The free phone number is 0808 800 5002.

For all other Policies please see schools website  –  stleossouthmead.co.uk