Writing Workshop  What writing looks like in Nursery 16th November 2017

Reading Workshop 12th December 2017

Over the year Parents/Carers/Grandparents are being invited across the school to share a story with their child. We are inviting you to share a story with your child on the 12th December 2017 at 11.am till 11.30am. During this time you can join your child in the story corner to share a favourite, familiar or a new story.

Christmas Stay and Play Christmas Rhyme and Craft Tuesday 19th December 2017

We are holding a Stay and Play Share a Christmas Rhyme and Craft on Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 10.40am till 11.30am at School Nursery. Parents/Carers/ Grandparents are very welcome to attend.


Spring Workshop Maths in Early Years

Wednesday 25th April 2018 10.45 am till 11.30am We will be setting up a selection of fun indoor and outdoor fun activities linked to Maths.

Transition Day For School Nursery Children

Friday 29th June 2018 Children to come to school Nursery at 8.30am and be picked up from main school 3.15pm. This will be a fun packed day where children can meet their new teachers and take part in a selection of activities and have lunch in the school hall with the school children.