We learn in Nursery through Topics, each half term we will move onto a new topic. The topics are chosen based on the children’s interests, some of our topics include Space, Transport and Bears. We focus all of our learning around that topic.
Our current topic in Nursery is This is Me!

Learning Journeys
We have Learning Journeys which follow your child through their Early Years life- all the way from beginning Nursery to leaving Reception, inside we include examples of work as well as observations of interactions and learning experiences. We use these observations as evidence of their skills and a guide for the next steps of learning.

We refer to Areas of Learning and Characteristics of Learning in your child’s Learning Journey – here’s what they are:
Areas of Learning (these are the focuses of learning in Nursery): 
     Communication and Language (C&L)
     Physical Development (PD)
     Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
     Literacy (Lit)
     Mathematics (Maths)
     Understanding the World (UtW)
     Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)
There are 3 characteristics of learning (these are how we learn the areas of learning): 
     Playing and Exploring
     Active Learning
     Creating and Thinking Critically 

Early Years Statutory Framework


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